Daylight Calculations

We can provide an added value to the basic daylight calculations by using specialist software.

We can establish all the parameters that come into play enabling a better control on the result. We can be particularly useful if your scheme is failing to achieve the daylight credits using the basic parameters.

We can alternatively run a full computer simulation daylight analysis, which can also be used to demonstrate compliance upon BS 8206 Pt 2. Our objective is to enable the design team develop their design with information that is being produced by the software.
"I have worked with Abba on various projects over the last couple of years, they have always worked efficiently and the assessments provided have been accepted by the relevant local planning authorities. The assessments have assisted in me securing planning permission, which as a planning consultant, is what I require." - Town Planning Bureau

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

Rainwater can easily be collected in water butts - and now autumn's arrived, they'll be plenty of rain to collect! Save it for watering plants when the weather warms up next year - plants prefer it to tap water. In the meantime, you can use it to water indoor plants, washing the car and other outdoor jobs. Water butts (and diverters to redirect the water from downpipes) are available from DIY stores. For more sophisticated rain harvesting ideas, see

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