Water Pollution Prevention Procedures - Fuel Storage

Procedure for Control of Ground & Surface Water Pollution - Interpreted from Best Practice Guidelines in PPG1, PPG5 & PPG6

  • Think about environmental and fire protection, safe delivery access, maintenance and security requirements before deciding where to put any permanent or temporary oil storage facilities. Locate oil stores in dedicated areas specifically designed and constructed to be safe and secure.
Avoid storing oil in high risk locations.

Don’t store oil:
  • where there is risk of damage by impact or collision e.g. from site traffic
  • within 50 metres of a spring, well or borehole
  • within 10 metres of a watercourse, ditch or drainage channel
  • where spilt oil could enter open drains, loose fitting manhole covers or soak into unmade ground
  • where it could pollute groundwater
  • where a spill could run over hard ground to enter a watercourse or soak into unmade ground
  • where it could pollute groundwater
  • where a tank vent pipe outlet can’t be seen from its filling point
  • on roofs as spilt oil can run down guttering which is connected to surface water systems.
Oil spilt in these locations will pollute watercourses and / or groundwater. If you can’t avoid these locations, check with us as you may require additional measures to prevent pollution, e.g. tank overfill prevention device.

Avoid storing or using oil in areas at risk from flooding. Containers may float in a flood causing oil to spill and pipelines to break. Storage tanks and bowsers should come as complete units with integral secondary containment which reduces the risk of oil spills.
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