Major refurbishment plus basement, West London

Major refurbishment and addition of basement, large detached house, West London

Major refurbishment plus basement, West London


Brief and Targets: Planning Targets of EcoHomes Very Good, 40% minimum for each of 3 Categories: Energy, Water, Materials.
Sustainability Initiatives:

Energy-critical data:

Floor area:

Main materials:

Walls: U-value= 0.26/0.28 450/225mm solid brick with 72.5mm Celotex PL4000 on battens.
Roof: U-value= 0.15 Re-roofed, membrane, 140mm insulation (k=0.022) above, 18mm ply, on 200mm timber joists, plasterboard
Floors: U-value=0.14 New basement, 300mm concrete, 100mm urethane insulation (k=min 0.022), 75mm screed.
Windows: U-value=1.60. New Timber double glazed; 16mm gap. Soft Low-E argon filled.
Doors: U-value=1.80. Replaced with new timber door
Psi-values: Default value of y=0.15
Insulation: Urethane insulation basement, Celotex PL4000, Kingspan on flat roof
Heating: Mains Gas Condensing Boiler system
Controls: Time and temperature zone control
Hot water: 2 x 300 litre units – Megaflow Eco or similar
Ventilation: Extract ventilation to kitchen, utility and bathrooms. Mechanical ventilation to underground rooms.
Cooling: Air conditioning from ASHP (Mitsubishi PQRY 600)
Renewables: None
Low E lighting: Min 75% to be lowE

Points of Interest:

Diligent approach to Considerate Constructors measures.
"Abba Energy provided us with a thoroughly comprehensive and efficient service from the inception of the project to final completion.  They guided all concerned - including the contractor – through the requirements necessary to achieve the EcoHomes ‘very good’ target with professionalism and understanding." - Barroll Webber

Sensible Energy Saving Tip

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